Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Report Card time...and thoughts on Dex

Not sure where the last few months have gone, but I looked at my calendar last week and realized it was time again for Charlotte's endocrine follow-up...how in the world did it manage to sneak up on me like this???

For those of you that aren't familiar with this, Charlotte goes to her pediatric endocrinologist every 3-4 months for a "check-up" of sorts for her Type 1 diabetes. And at each of these check-ups they run a blood test called a hemoglobin A1c...basically, this test lets us know how her blood sugar has been on average over the past 3 months; the higher the number, the greater the risk of developing complications related to diabetes.

Now being the "perfect pancreas wanna-be" that I am, I immediately start pulling her downloaded pump/meter info and start analyzing (and over-analyzing) everything and trying to make a best guess at what her A1c will be at the visit. Looking at her average blood glucose over the past 90 days was not making me thrilled...especially since we had some lovely highs from the holidays and a run-in with the flu thrown into the mix, UGH!!! (fortunately the numbers over the past 30 days are more where I like them to be) But, naturally all of this got me riled up about how I hate that even with all the data we do have, we're still just looking at mere snapshots in time and not the whole picture. So of course, my not-so-secret desires for a Dexcom have resurfaced!
For non-D folks: Dexcom is a handy-dandy little tool (a continuous glucose monitor or CGM) that Charlotte would have attached to her and wear (much like her insulin pump) so that we could continuously monitor her blood glucose level. It would provide us with blood glucose data equivalent to 288 fingersticks/day and allow us to see if she's trending up or down and how quickly she's rising or falling. 
So all the thinking about things prompted me to make a phone call to our awesome endo today to see about setting up a Dexcom trial for Charlotte. When he called back we chatted a bit about the pros and cons of CGMs and he gave me the name and phone number of our local Dexcom rep for me to call and get the ball rolling for the trial....woohoo!

I'm hoping that we can start the trial soon and that I love the Dexcom as much as I imagine...and that Charlotte decides to love it too! In the meantime, I'll be agonizing over the "snapshot" numbers and hoping for good news our appointment on Thursday morning.


  1. First off, GOOD LUCK Thursday and know that no matter what the number is YOU ARE DOING GREAT. It is hard work being a pancreas 24/7/365.

    Secondly, good luck with Dexcom! We love ours. He isn't always reliable, but lately he has been "spot on". I like him for the trending.

  2. Deep breath. Thursday will be fine. Remember - its just a number! At the end of the day, no matter the number you will know tht you are doing a GREAT job... the BEST job you possibly can with your girl! :)
    We LOVE our CGM (not Dexcom - we have the Medtronic CGM that is integrated with the pump). Having that continuous stream of data is as good as gold.

  3. We have our endo appt tomorrow at noon. I know how you feel! I don't obsess over the a1c too much. As long as our kids are healthy and happy --- that's what really matters.

    We love DexCom - it's a bit overwhelming at 1st but now I feel like it is so beneficial to our D management!! Love it!

  4. Very Cute Blog!
    It was very easy to get our Dex. I'm sure it shouldn't be too hard for you to get one. I'm sure they will be come standard issue soon!