Monday, April 11, 2011

How did we live without "her"???

Before I start on the "real" post...I thought I'd mention a  few of the changes/updates I've made here over the past few days. First, I've set up an email address and included this info on my "About Me" page (feel free to send me an email and say hi!). I've also added a badge for my new Facebook page; if you're on fb please click to "like" my page...I plan to update the page with links to my blog posts and some extra little D-related things too! And finally, I've added a page/tab with information about JDRF's 2011 Children's Congress...and I've included a link to Charlotte's delegate profile and video (I just couldn't resist being the proud D-mama I am). 

So the day finally arrived...I can't believe I waited so long to set this up. Last Tuesday Charlotte and I (and a "tag-along" Amelia) met with the Clinical Specialist from Dexcom and started Charlotte's Dexcom trial! I actually first learned about Dexcom about 3 years ago from this link over at SUM. Not long after reading that blog post, I had the opportunity to attend a conference for work and one of the sessions was about CGMS...the information provided was amazing to me and really got me thinking more about the advantages of the device. I'm not sure what kept me waiting so long before deciding to really pursue it...maybe it was Charlotte's young age and limited "real estate" on her little body...but I do know that just the thought of being able to truly see the "whole picture" has been weighing on my mind since the moment I realized it actually is possible!

To be honest, Charlotte was a little reluctant about trying this "thing" out...she was not thrilled at the idea of yet another site :(   But I encouraged her to at  least "try it out" and agreed that if she decides she truly doesn't like it than I'll drop the issue (at least for a little while). Fortunately, not a negative word has been uttered since last Tuesday...and I think she "secretly" likes having it (I've "caught" her checking it several times without her knowing I'm watching, lol)!

As I suspected I've been completely obsessed with this handy-dandy little gadget. We started on Tuesday and that evening I think I checked the thing like every 10 minutes or so...I've definitely chilled a bit since then...but I still get a thrill everytime I peek and get to see what is going on with her sugar without having to actually poke her! And I love being able to see that flat arrow when we check her at night so that I'm not wondering if that sugar looks good but is actually getting ready to plummet down or go shy-rocketing!

All that said, it hit me last night that tomorrow is our last day with "Dexie". I'm a little sad to think about boxing her up and sending her back. But I'm glad to know that both Charlotte and I love it and that she will (hopefully) be getting her her very own "Dexie" in the near future! to get our insurance paperwork completed :)


  1. AWWW...I sure hope Dexie moves in for good Michelle. Charlotte sounds too cute checking it out...Joe did it all the time too...and he still does if he is feeling "off" or if he is heading out to play etc. It is a valuable tool in our "D" arsenal for sure.

    I will be thinking of you and hoping for a more permanent Dexie to arrive soon. (((HUGS))) and thank you for all of your support during our Neuro struggles and questions with Joe as of late. I truly appreciate it.

  2. Oh, I'm so glad to hear your news. If you've ever read my blog, you know I absolutely am in love with Dexcom. I think it is truly something every mother with a little diabetic needs. Makes life a little more livable!

  3. How cool to have that opportunity and I hope it becomes a reality soon! We are waiting on the CGM at the moment, but are very interested in it at the same time. When the time is right...
    Good luck with the withdrawls!! :)

  4. Ooooh! You know we Love, Love, Love our Dexie!! Parting is such sweet sorrow!

    And WAY TO GO Charlotte!!! CC2011 is awesome!!!!

  5. We LOVE our Dex, too! It's such a great tool!

  6. I remember bidding it farewell...and our very own showed up really fast, after we got the insurance approval.

    Congrats and I'll pray that the journey to your own Dex is SMOOTH SAILING!