Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The little things....

A few months ago, Charlotte received a special gift from a very kind-hearted person. We have no idea who the gift-giver is...but I imagine that she/he must be experienced with Type 1 and clearly knows that often times it's the little things that make the biggest difference.

When Charlotte opened her gift she was beyond excited to find the most precious heart-shaped leather case for her meter and testing supplies (from Myabetic)...and was even more tickled when she opened the case and discovered that it turns into a butterfly! 

 Charlotte asked, almost immediately, if we could move her testing supplies from her old case to the new one...of course, I couldn't resist! She loves carrying her pretty little case with her when we go places on the weekends and after school! And I love that it has more pockets and elastics than her previous cases and it holds nearly everything she might need for her D to spend a day away from home...all in one adorable little bag!

I'm always looking for ways to help make Charlotte's d-management a little less dreary (not the easiest of tasks). We have a few different meter/supply cases (although none nearly as precious as the Lovebug). We've gotten a few different pump skins for her insulin pump (she's a big fan of the pink/purple "swirl") and tried out Groovy Patches to make her pump sites more "fun". And I can't forget the adorable pump pouches we've gotten from Amy's Too Sweet Boutique...the adorable fabrics and designs FAR exceed my previous seamstress attempts (although my sweet girl still sometimes requests an old pouch I made for her).

It seems that lately Charlotte has been feeling that D is a miserable "chore". She's clearly annoyed by having to check her sugar and "dial up" a bolus to correct her sugar or cover her carbs and she'd much prefer for anyone else to handle these tasks for her (can't say I blame her for feeling that way). So to help keep the D-burnout from taking it's toll already (only 5 years in to the d-life with many more ahead -- unless we find a cure) I'm happy to help out with these tasks. But when I'm not around to help out or she simply chooses to do them on her own its nice to know that having a pretty little bag or "fun" pump skin helps make these tasks a little less "chore-like"...and that's important!

It's truly the little things that make a difference!


  1. Too bad I don't have a girl! I love that pouch!

  2. How ADORABLE!! I want one! Makes me tear up thinking about your daughter feeling burned out by D. Whatever it takes to make it better or more fun for them us D-Mamas will do!

  3. LOVE the bag! That is so ingenius. heart hurts a bit thinking of Charlotte with a bit of "D" burn-out. We are all in for a long road. I am thankful to have you and the other girls to lift me up. I am hoping Joe finds a similar support system in friends and family.

  4. So stinkin' cute! Just might need to look into getting one of those for Bean; I know she'd love it!
    That's tough that D has gotten to 'that' point. It's great that you recognize her troubles and find things to help out...even if it's a simple as a cute bag.
    Bean has those days when she wants me to poke her finger and push the buttons on her PDM. Thankfully they are few and far between right now since we're only 10mo into it!!

  5. Ugh! Heartbreaking! D-burnout makes me so sad! I'm so glad that you are there for her --- I feel the same. I'll take it on as long as Nate will let me.

    also, can I just say that I love that little bag!! It is precious!!!!!!!

    Thinking about you and Charlotte!

  6. So cute! Need a teeny, tiny, slim meter case, very unobtrusive, something a kid could just slip into a tight pocket. Why, oh why do test strip containers have to be a cylindrical shape?

  7. Dear Anon Very Cute Pump Bag Giver,

    I love you.



    These moments when they're noticing that D stands out are hard.

    Give her a hug from the DOC...and tell her we're all so proud of her for her big trip in June!