Sunday, May 15, 2011

What We've Learned....Diabetes Blog Week - Day 7

Today is Day 7, the final day, of the 2nd Annual Diabetes Blog Week! The topic for the day is "What we've learned": What have you learned from other blogs - either this week or since finding the D-OC?  What has your experience of blogging the DBlog Week topics with other participants been like?  What has finding the D-OC done for you?  If you'd like, you can even look ahead and tell us what you think the future holds!

This week has been a lot of fun...and I'm a little sad it's drawing to its close! To be completely honest, being "new" to blogging, when I signed up to participate I wondered if I would really be able to follow through, but I stuck to my committment and did it...and am so glad I did! I've enjoyed writing each of the posts and have learned more about myself and my feelings about dealing with T1....and more importantly, this week provided an opportunity to talk with Charlotte and gain more insight into her thoughts and feelings about living with T1. She really enjoyed having the opportunity to blog along with fact, I think the "10 Things" post was actually therapeutic for her! (It gave her the opportunity to tell me exactly what she thought without feeling bad or guilty about sharing those feelings...and then we talked about it and were able to laugh about some of the things too!)

I also really enjoyed reading through TONS of posts written other D-bloggers! It's been insightful to read through each of them and see how while we're each unique individuals with our own stories, we're all the "same" too. I've enjoyed discovering several "new" (to me) blogs and reading posts from my "oldies, but goodies"! I was amazed each day to read through the posts and see how each blogger took the same topic and approached it from a slightly different perspective from the next.

Participating in Diabetes Blog Week has been awesome! Reading through all the posts and their comments (and receiving such loving and supportive comments on my posts) has helped to reinforce that we're not dealing with this alone. There are so many wonderful, amazing people out there dealing with the "same" on a daily basis! And we're (the DOC) all here to read/listen, support, and help each other through this blog post at a time :)


  1. :) Loved that Charlotte enjoyed getting some stuff off of her chest. That had to be liberating! Kudos to you. You did a fantastic job Michelle. It was a "laborious" week of love for sure.

  2. I'm glad you're blogging, Michelle. Perspective is so valuable!